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I am 45 and had a lumpectomy in Feb.2001.I do not have a support group where I live.I am on chemo( A/C) and rads for 6 weeks then tamoxifen.Please e-mail me if you are or have gone thru this. I would love to meet someone else who knows what this feels like.Thanks, [email protected]


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    Hi sunnyone! I'm Cathy from N.Y. I had a lumpectomy in Sept. then a mastectomy and reconstruction several weeks later. I didn't need chemo or radiation but have been taking Tamoxifin since Oct. Haven't had any problems with Tamoxifin other than hot flashes which lasted a few months but are much less now. This is a wonderful place to get support. We're all at different phases of recovery so there's always someone who can answer questions and give you whatever support you need. Feel free to ask questions, even if you feel they're silly cause everything is important. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like. Keep in touch. Good luck with your treatments. Cathy
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    Hi Sunnyone ! (What a nice name you have !)
    I also had a lumpectomy 2 years ago, then chemo then rads for 6 weeks then tamoxifen, so I guess we're pretty close in our treatments ! If you develop nausea during chemo, ask your doctor to give you a different medicine to prevent it. I used something called Zofran in Switzerland, which worked great for me. A different medicine using supposedly the same molecule didn't work for me ... I was very tired during chemo, ate mostly thin slices of ham, yogurts, because for some reason it appealed to me more. Rads were no problem at all, I used that time to relax and I ALMOST missed it when it was over ! Tamoxifen is a real help to reduce risk of having another breast cancer. It did the same to me : hot flashes during close to a year, and now I get them quite rarely.

    Life is beautiful, and having to slow down during treatment gave me more of an opportunity to appreciate it.

    If you are worried, contact me. It is a scary experience, but you'll be OK, and we are all here to help you through this.

    With a big hug,
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    Hi, my name is Judy. I live in Texas. I had a mastectomy in Dec. 2000. I did not have to have chemo or radiation. I am on tamoxifen. So far other than hot flashes I am doing okay on it. You will certainly get a lot of support here on this site. So many wonderful ladies here. I wish you the best in your treatment. Judy
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    I am a survivor since 8/00. I have had chemo (a/c and taxal). I am currently taking Tamaxofin. I have had a mastectomy and reconstruction. I am glad to say that it feels so go to be a survivor. Please email me at anytime. It is my work email and I am there Wed-Sat. Email: [email protected]
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    I was 47 when my breast cancer was diagnosed. On June 28th I had a modified radical mastectomy of the right breast with lymph nodes removed. I also underwent reconstructive surgery at the same time (a tram flap procedure) where muscle, tissue and fat from the abdominal area was moved to the mastectomy site to construct the new breast. I had 8 chemo treatments (4 A/C and 4 of Taxol) followed by 33 radiation treatments. My energy level isn't to where I would like it to be, but I'm getting there. Hang in there, things will get better for you!
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    Sunny,i had a radical masectomy in 1995, I didn't go to no support group I face it by myself but the love that my family gave me was all the support I thought I needed but you need to talk to somebody that has gone through this thats why I got a computer I'm new to this on internet but I want to help somebody that had to go through what I went through.If you don't have a support group get on this internet & talk to whoever you can but I'll say this get a composition book & write all the whys down all the feelings you are going through & get mad at the disease not at you or any member of your family let them help because they want to because they love you. My husband shaved his hair off the day I lost my hair & that will always be in my heart.