torolopsis globrata infection of tongue..????Help

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I have this fungal infection on my tongue which they say is because of the chemo and radiation treatments I have had.I was in stage 4, and it spread to lymph nodes, but it started in base of tongue.I had surgery after the chemo and radiation and none of my tongue was removed....:) but I was super sick from the surgery.They had to remove the lymph nodes and the jugular vein and I had 49 stiches from ear to the ear.I got a fungal infection when I was just about to do the 3rd round of chemo.....and they thought it was candida at I had miconazole, nystatin and diflucan ..but none of them I was put on sporonox.....still infection is they did a repeat culture and it said this fungus again and now they are trying to figure out what to give me to get rid of it....Has anyone else had this infection and what did work for you? I finished chemo 12/00 and also radiation 12/00 I had the chemo and radiation at the same time...I also had surgery in February.....anyone who can help I would appreciate some info.....also the strange feelings in my neck.......which I am told is to be expected......hope to hear from someone soon..Jimns1l