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Hi everyone,
Have any of you who have bone mets experienced any pain or soreness or tenderness in 'hot' spots? I am curious because last bone scan indicated adnormalities on my skull and ribs but I feel nothing. Now my lower spine and hip are a different story. Does anyone know if the word 'abnormal' ever means something else? We need a radiologist on this site that would not mind answering questions!!
Also, has anyone heard from Judy whose nieces were in that bad wreck? I do pray the niece is improving--last I read the great niece was healing fine.
You are all in my prayers. God bless you.


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    Hi Brenda. Judy has been away this past week but should be back soon. The last I heard, the Great Niece was home and doing well and her mother was transferred to a rehab. hospital. She is on a respirator but they were trying to wean her off. She was showing slight progress but has a long way to go. I'm sure she will fill everyone in when she's back. Cathy
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    Hi Brenda,
    I have had many scans and my show abnormalities but they say it isn't cancer but don't know what it is weak areas. I am now arthritic after treatments and suffered for many years with chronic pain from many disorders. One thing I always tell people is always tell your doctors where it hurts and don't let up. No one needs to suffer anymore. There is new medication coming out all the time.
    It truly is about the quality of our lives that is important.
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    Brenda - do not let a radiologist determine from your bone scan alone if this is bone mets. I just went through an experience that should be a lesson to all of us - a spot on my bone scan could have put me through unnecessary surgery and treatment. However, I contacted Dr. Laurence Weis at Ohio State University and saw him in order to get a needle biopsy done - he didn't even have to do it - he was able to tell from plain x-ray film alone that it was not a mets - he is a specialist in tumors of the skeletal system. Do some research on members of the Muscle and Skeletal Tumor Society and see if a doctor who is a member is in your area. Keep asking questions. I feel Dr. Weis was an answer to many people's prayers on my behalf. God bless you.