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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been absent. Have moved and am still trying to get settled. I have completed 8 weeks of radiation as of May 3. My question is, for those who took off from work, when did you go back, right after treatment or a few weeks, months later? I have a very stressful job and thought if I wait until July 1, two months after completing chemo and radiation, then that would be ok. Did you go back to working 8+ hours a day, gradually work back to full-time?



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    Hi CK. I didn't have any chemo or radiation but did have mastectomy and Tram Flap reconstruction. I returned to work 7 weeks after surgery,but didn,t do any heavy lifting for a few more weeks(I'm a physical therapist). I do know some people return to work while they are receiving chemo and radiation. They arrange chemo for Fri. ,recover over the weekend and return Mon. Some people getting raDIATION GO EARLY IN am OR END OF DAY. yOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU FEEL YOU CAN HANDLE PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. YOU MIGHT WANT TO RESTART HALF DAY AND BUILD UP TO FULL DAY.Going through treatment and move at the same time is a challange in itself. Good luck in your new home. Feel good. Cathy
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    hello, I tried to work and do my chemo treatments but in January I developed a huge blood clot in my jugular vein so I was hospitalized for two weeks. After that I decided to take off from work. I just went back after all the chemo was done and still have to do radiation but financially I could not afford to stay out. The cost of my benefits was eating up all of my disability check. I would say to you if you can possibly stay out do it. I too have a very stressful job and am trying to make the best of it but praying that I have made the right decision. I am working Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday 8-4:30 with Wednesday's off. Had to do this schedule to even be eligible for benefits. Best of luck with your decision.
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    Hi, CK...
    I missed two weeks after my surgery but took only the day I was having chemo (A/C) or Taxol treatment. I haven't missed much work. My job is stressful too but I feel better being busy. I am still scheduled to do radiation after the Taxol and will see. I've been working regular 40-hour weeks. But, that's me...
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    Hello Ck.
    I worked thourgh my chemo. I'd take it on Thrusday and be back at work on Monday. Fortuatly I had a boss that allowed me to work at home or just take time if I needed rest. I would work in the morning come home for a nap and work a few hours in the afternoon. I took off 6 weeks for reconstruction. Good luck and Congrats on your new home. Laura