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It is hard to overcome trouble and suffering. It seems easier to wallow in self-pity--no matter how deserving it seems. I have learned that to do so is pouring salt into my own wounds. I have been through the deepest pain and grief any soul should bear over these past years, so, I know what I am saying is from personal experience.

When I finally realized that evil was gleefully adding to my own misery and despair--I was able to reach up and take my Lord's hand, once again, and was lifted up where I could be in the light of His love rather than in the darkness of depression. He was there all the time, but evil was blinding me from my own knowledge of the truth of God's word. Evil loves to make anyone depressed and miserable and filled with anxiety, and to take away any joy that we can have. Once I stopped thinking so much about my own problems, and started counting my blessings, I became stronger, and found healing for my broken heart. It was the hardest hurdle I ever crossed: accepting God's will when it was so opposite of what I thought I deserved.

I take each day and count blessings that are beyond price, and I am grateful and thankful for each gift!! You will be surprised at how many 'blessings' are part of your daily life when you stop and think about them. It brings peace and substance to my soul to try to think of others and help--even in the smallest way--those who are in worse shape than me. I always get inspired by people whose troubles overshadow mine, but they stay strong in their faith, and humbled by the blessings they do have. I ask myself every day what I can do for my Lord instead of what He can do for me; because now I know His yoke is easy and my burdens are lighter when I go with Him rather than against Him.

I pray that God's peace and grace may fill each heart that reads this message. You are all in my prayers. Friends in need or friends in deed.
With love and prayers,
Brenda from GA.


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    Brenda - Everything you said was very well put into words - and I just need to add:
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    Hi Brenda,
    Your words may seem harsh for some a reality to others. I have found with my years of recovery the simplist of pleasures. It is hard being grateful for our lives when we see so many others sucome to the disease. It is hard to be grateful when there is so much pain, emotional and physical to overcome. I came to this site a few months ago knowing I had to give to this community of wonderful woman who have had the same misfortune as myself. I am here to say that there is so much to be grateful for and so much of life to live. Thanks for sharing your feelings because there are so many others who aren't there yet.
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    lindysu Member Posts: 59 are an have found healing,which is available to us all, even if we never find a're in my prayers...lindy