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I had anus sparing surgery in June 2000. Since then, I have made multiple daily trips to the toilet. The number has decreased from 20 some a day to 10 or less, but if anyone has suggestions for better control, I would appreciate it. Also, what helps with flatus (gas)? I had my yearly follow-up colonoscopy last week and all was well and I feel very lucky dispite my bathroom problem.


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    I had similar surgery with complete removal of my rectum about a year ago. I have found metamucil to be a big help. I take 2 teaspoons in juice with every meal for a total of around 6 teaspoons a day. The Metamucil acts like a sponge in the colon to soak up excess liquid and in doing so, it helps form your stools and slows down the passage time of waste in the colon. I am not the only one who does this. There are many of us with similar situations who use this routine. It will take a few days for it to start working so don't get discouraged. I still must take immodium on occasion, but I have fewer and less frequent movements with the high fiber(Metamucil) diet.
    Steve Johnson, Rectal cancer,in remission 11 months.
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    I have colorectal cancer and have an ostomy so I know what I eat and drink eventually comes out. I had diarrhea from October, 2000 until my colostomy surgery in January and lost 15 pounds. Anyways, I saw an accupuncturist about a month ago and he recommended 10 glasses of fluids (water, milk, juice) per day, fresh ginger and two teaspoons of olive oil. I boil the ginger in water, add honey and lemon and drink about 4 to 6 cups of this tea per day. I also eat fresh fruits and vegetables, rice cakes, oatmeal, cream of wheat, almond butter and strawberry jam sandwiches and frozen yogurt bars. I also drink vanilla flavored Ensure Plus and Reliv Innergizer drinks. Let me tell you, I've had excellent results. I've gained about 5 pounds and have had minimum side effects from chemotherapy. If you have questions or need more info., email me. Eleanor
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    I can relate to this. It has been 3 years since my surgery. The trips to the bathroom
    are not nearly as frequent. It seems to get easier with time. I to would like to know if there is relief for the gas problem.