mysterious things on chest CT scan

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Hi everyone,
I just got home from visits with both my radiation oncologist and my chemo oncologist which completely changed their plans for the next few weeks.

my CT scan on Friday showed 6 tiny nodules on my lungs (2 had shown up on a routine chest xray because I was short of breat and seemed to have some crackles in my lungs.

The doctors agree that they have no real answers as to what they are. They are going to take a new Ct scan on June 5 to see what is going on.

radiation and tamoxifen are postponed.

I am fine with all of this but I am contacting my native american medicine man for a healing ceremony or sing to this (which my oncologist thinks is great)

I feel this is one of those times that the spiritual has a chance to show its stuff.

all prayers, dances and whatever else seems appropriate will be appreciated and when
we have the ceremony scheduled I will let you and all my prayer partners across the country so that we can join our prayers with his, as the smoke carries our prayers to our great Creator.

you all continue in my prayers, even though I don't answer as many questions as I sometimes have. typing really irritates the nerves in my fingers from the stupid reaction.

prayers and hugs, luv, to each one of you who mean so much to me,


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    Dear Cher:
    You are in my prayers--it goes without saying. I know what you mean about finger tips. I spend as much time back spacing for corrections as I do going forward on many days. I pray this neuropathy will heal for all of us who have it. I had 7 Taxol treatments, and feel lucky not to have worse symptoms. May God bless you and have mercy always.
    Sincerely, Brenda in GA.
  • tiger
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    Dear Cher, Hang in there lady, you have come so far and have been so positive. I am a firm believer in prayer and the power of positive thought. Every time someone tells me they put me on a prayer chain, whatever denomination, I am honoured.
    Hang tight and your ct will be good.
    hugs to you.
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    Dear Cher,
    Stay positive!! My prayers are with you.
    Many hugs to you. Leanne