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I am 1 month post chemo (4 treatments of AC), node negative, estrogen receptor negative (stage 1 tumor 1.5cm) bi-lateral mastectomy in December (my choice.) I am now having pains in my right shoulder that feel like my shoulder needs to pop. Is this what it feels like when it returns?


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    I personally don't think so but your doctor is the one to ask. Your shoulder joint may be the problem. Cancer comes back usually with a rash or lump in the breast area.

    Put your mind at ease and ask your doctor.

    Good luck, Jean
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    From my experience after two mastectomies is that the nerves reak havock in our bodies from the trauma. I was later diagnosed with nervous disorders that caused cronic pain. Often where our pain is, truly isn't the area being affected. My shoulder pain was truly from my chest trauma, deferred pain. I struggles for years to control my pain and it is possible. You have to keep after the doctors to address your pains. After one controlled you may find you have other areas bothering you that will be uncovered as you get things addressed. I truly believe that we do not need to suffer.
    Good luck,
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    As scary as it may be, please contact your doctor immediately. I pray that it is nothing but early treatment lends to much better results. Try not to worry.