Supporting 3 women all diagnosed in the past 2 days

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Just a little overwhelmed with receiving calls about support for 3 young women between the ages of 37 and 44 within two days. I want to support these women, but am looking for someone to discuss my fears as they come up. I've been a Reach to Recovery Volunteer for 2 years and have met with 3 women battling cancer. Thursday I received a call for RTR regarding one(Age 42), Friday I run into an old high school best buddy and she tells me about herself (Age 37), then I get a call from a family friend that her sister-in-law (Age 38) was just diagnosed. All will have a masectomy within the next week. I finally just broke down and cried last night...part scared, part sad and part angry...This is hitting so close to home...they all sound just like I did...Asking me if "Is this normal..I'm not crying?", "My family is taking this much harder". The list goes on as many of us are aware. I want to be able to be a good support person for all three and realize the importance of talking about my own emotions. Any words of advice?


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    Thanks for sharing your concerns and the need to talk to someone about your fears. I commend you for having the strength to support other women who have cancer. I'm 47, a single parent with a 15 year old and was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 6 months ago. I, too have felt scared, sad and angry. I broke down when I received the initial diagnosis and thank God I had my sister with me. I've completed my first round of chemo and radiation and will continue with chemo but nothing is expected to be curative. My cancer is inoperable and considered to be terminal. I really broke down and cried when I heard this. It's okay to cry and I just turn it over to God. For me, crying is an important part of the healing process. It takes a lot of courage to share what you're going through. My family and friends are taking this really hard. We're taking turns letting it all out. I think sharing your story is a good way of letting others know that they're not the only one going through the cancer journey. I read your web page and I just did my own story. Keep your spirit bright and hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Eleanor
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    Hello Sharic,

    I know how you feel... I also volunteer for RTR. I love the work I do... but last year I was also feeling overwhelmed when several women around me were diagnosed. Suddenly I was an emotional wreak. I just had to have a good cry. And try to do what I could for the ones I loved and wanted to support. Just remember they are looking at your for courage and for that reason alone you will do fine. And from me to you... a good cry never hurt anyone. Hugs Laura
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    i would be happy to try and guide you through your questions about your situation.
    It is overwelming and many fears arise as time goes on..You just need to be very positive around them.It is very normal for you, as you are shocked and don't know which way to turn..I was a caregiver to my husband who died of cancer just 2yrs ago last week. feel free to write and I would be happy to answer if I can...