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Hi Everyone,
We are home and settled from our day at MDA. I had bloodwork at 6:30 AM but we didn't make it there until 7 b/c of getting babies to daycare. All my counts were good. We saw the doctor at 9. He was very pleased with the treatment and said the main lymph node appears to be a bit smaller! He said after the next treatment May 30 they will do an ultrasound and get measurements to confirm progress. Dressing change on the CVC at 11. We had my favorite nurse and spent more time talking than it took to change the dressing! Chemo at 1. Went well. Had a great lunch during premeds and then Benadryl knocked me for a loop and I slept through the rest of the treatment. We got home a little after 7. Keep up the prayers. I do believe God is guiding the doctors and we will have a successful outcome from this.
A big Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies on my list.


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    Tracy, I am so happy to hear you sounding happy and upbeat!! The Taxol was actually my favorite chemo, I got to eat lunch at the hospital, chat all day with the nurses, and then have my benadryl nap. Then wake up and go home and nap some more!! I actually looked forward to my Taxol ,it was a good seven hour escape from home!!! Isn't that awful!!!
    You keep it up girl!!
    hugs from Tiger
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    Hi Tracy! You sound great!Keep up the positive feeling. You'll do fine!! Have a great Mother's Day! HUGS!!! Cathy
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    Hi Tracy - I am so very glad to hear that your second taxol treatment is all behind you and especially glad to hear what your doctor said about the main lymph node appearing to be smaller. Yes, God does answer our prayers - we can all attest to that. How about your rash you had gotten before, has that all cleared up and not come back?
    I wish you a Happy Mothers Day and want to let you know that you will remain in my prayers.
    God Bless - Lucy