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Hi, for the past couple of days (5-6 approx.) I have noticed that I have small pimples / spots on my chest, more to the center of my chest. My Rad doc says it's not because of the radiation, but I have never had pimples / spots on my chest, not even as a teenager. Can anyone help? Thanks


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  • leanne_00
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    Hi blackbandana,
    I have the pimples and my doctor said it was normal. That the radition will do that. I was told not to worry and it will go away. I just been putting corn startch on them and they do not itch. Mine was in the area where I received radition on my chest.
    If you get a sore underneith your breast I have found if you put cream with Vit. E it will help it heel. They gave me some kind of sarve but did not do anything. But the Vit. E helped me alot and it is allmost gone now.
    I hope this help you some. Take care and I will keep you in my prayers.
    Many hugs Leanne