lymphoma massage therapy

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I am the primary caretaker of someone who has had hodgkins for 5 years now..She has gone through transplant and approximately 5-7 types of chemo & radiation. She gets massage therapy 1x/week and was recently offered lymphoma massage. Has anyone ever experienced this or have been adviced to do it or not to do it...If you have any information I would appreciate any feedback Thank you


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    I heard you need to be very careful that the therapist needs to have references before jumping in.


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    16 year old thread!

    From 2001. FYI.

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    Hi there. I am nervous this is why i have you all! So I had a nasal biopsy a week ago. It came back positive for B cell lymphoma. So it seems that it's acting up again. I wonder what you all had to do after. I see the oncologist on Thursday and I don't know if we are going to do rituxin by itself or with something else. I just am worried about chemo. Any feedback is great. Thank you!!! Actually it said findings are suspicious for B cell lymphoma and I was dx with marginal zone b lymphoma a while ago.