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Hi everyone. Well I am 3 days out of first TAXOL and so far so good. BUT...yesterday they put the CVC catheter in and I had intense pain and it continues. They had a ittle trouble getting it in and it took quite a bit of Litacain to get me through. I am on DARVON now and take 2 every 3 hours to stabilize the pain. ANyone else have trouble with the CVC? After watching thehospital video I thought it would be a breeze and it wasn't. No one else seemed to be as uncomfortable as I was in recovery. I go back today for them to check it and show me how to flush it. My husband is going but he is not happy about it. He really doesn't want to deal with any of this. Oh and they said I cannot lift my babies while I have this in. That is 6 months of missing out on things. Well sorry to ramble.


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    Hi Tracy,
    Hang in there. Glad to see you leaving messages. Your in our hearts and prayers. You don't ever apologize for writing it is good for everyone to get it out. We are here for you girl.
    24242 Tara
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    Hi Tracy, where is your CVC, in your arm or chest? I had the port-a-cath in my upper chest right next to my colar bone and it has never caused pain. I am very aware that it is there and I worry about restricting it somehow when I sleep. I will have it taken out as soon as my radiation therapy is finished. Good you are seeing your doctors today. And ONE BIG KICK IN THE FANNY to your don't want to be dealing with this either!!! Men are just self involved and I think that is really our fault. We allow it. It will be very hard to not lift the babies, will there be someone there to help you? Love to you, Nancy
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    After I had my Taxol, my port did not ever stop hurting. I had very little pain with it after the initial shock to my body wore off, but after the first Taxol three weeks the area around the port (in my upper right chest) did not every stop stinging, burning, and just generally causing nonsense.

    No one ever mentioned to me that lifting with these is a problem. I routinely lift heavy industrial sized bolts of fabric and drag them around my sewing areas, often sticking 20 yards of wool on my shoulder to carry for several hundred feet, since I have to.
    However I find that I do not do it as readily or as frequently as i id back in the days before cancer.

    I feel for you not lifting your babies. It will be so hard.

    But one thing...Is your catheter like a round button or an IV line that is semi-permanent?

    I hope I can get back here soon to read yyour answer. This erratic computer si tough to handle.

    gentle hugs and such,Cher