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Hi Everyone,
I have a question when is there anyone in the chat room?? Is it only on certain nights or just on occation?? Just wondering cause every time I get on I check and no one is around. But anyways I am doing good.
My raditions is being extended 1 extra day now due to the machine busting down. You would think something so expensive would work not keep breaking!!! Sence I have been getting radition it has broken down at least once a week. Usually on Fri. but decided to do it today instead. Just my luck!!! I am on the count down with 6 left and had to take a break today...oh well what can you Such is life.
I get to work tomorrow. I was not going back till May 1st but they need my help to cover a client so I agreed. I am so ready to get back anyways. Need the money , plus I am so bored being home all the time. Have plunty to do just not one to stay home every day. I like to be working and being with people. Oh well thats how I am. Hope you all are doing good. You are all in my prayers. Take good care of yourselves and have some fun if you can.
Many hugs to you Leanne