new hairline

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Hi Everyone! Have any of you noticed a diffence in your new hairline from your original? Mine seems to be lower on forehead and temples than it was before. This is a curiosity question just to see if others have noticed the same thing. You are all in my prayers as always. Love ya, Brenda in GA.


  • sueholm
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    my hair is just coming back...certainly darker...i will watch for any other changes...where are yu in georgia, Brenda?
  • nancys
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    Brenda and Sue...You lucky ducks...My hairline is growing in WHITE and very far back. I have always had a widow's peak hairline, but this looks really deep....I may have to keep my "pretend hair" forever. Love you, Nancy
  • lucy
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    Hi Brenda - You know, come to think of it, my hairline is done farther than it used to be also. I used to be almost all forehead, now when I pull my bangs up, it does not look bad without bangs. I still keep the bangs as they are still very short coming in.
    I also have the silver hair now! Lucy