Colon surgical wound site inflammation

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I am a two year, Stage 3 colon cancer survivor with a right resection. Today I had a colonoscopy and learned that I have inflammation around the surgical site and an ulcer in the small bowel. He did a biopsy of both sites. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I guess what I want to know is can the inflammation around the wound site be recurrent cancer or pre-cursor to a return? Thanks for your info. maude


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    Hi Maude,
    Good question. I myself had a right resection 3 years ago this October.At this point I would say it would be time to see your oncologist and request that he order a colonoscopy. I had a similar problem and it turned out that at the site of the anastamosis or the part of the colon where the resection was made was being obstructed by scar tissue.Quite painfull but not cancer.
    Get it checked.