UPDATE 4/20 Hello again all!! (((HUGS))) to all!

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I posted this in the first posting, but you may find it easier up here on the heading list.
Tiger... You are a sweet soul... thank you so much for your post... you are so true, and heck, I beat it the first time... so I know I can again.

I saw my surgeon yesterday, he thinks it is unfortunatly quite likely it is cancer. He does not want to do a needle biopsy, on Monday morning I am going in for same day surgery. He will go in, remove the lump and the tissue nearby which appears to be changing. Says he wants to remove all that is there in the event it is cancer. I think that will be best. They put me on sleeping pills 2 nites ago to help me sleep, 'what's that??' didn't help much the first nite... but I think either exhaustion or the med helped me to sleep about 3 hours last nite. My daughter is a bit 'punchy' now that it is scheduled. I try to remember that anger is a childs way (and often an adults) of reacting...she is 17, and she seems angry about all this now. My heart hurts for her, this is time # 2 she has seen me go thru this. Hubby is being wonderful and supportive. Seems like everyone is suffocating me. Even when I try to nap, there is either someone on the phone or at the door. Talk about a replay of 10 years ago. Dr said that if it is in fact cancer, he will have the path report in about 3 days, and will discuss followup treatment at that time. Yes, I am weepy, not as much today... and today is Friday... but scared... and knowing full well I have a lot of choices ahead of me. Thank you for the warm welcome. Thank you for letting me know I will not be alone with all of you here.


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    Hi feathers4! Not everyone here is on the 2nd go round but we all know the anxieties,the fears the sleepless nights and lots of tears. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Cry to us joke with us,whatever it takes to get yourself through. I have a 15 yr. old who never says anything about this but whenever I say something or go to a MD she acts angry. I guess it's their defense mechanism. Keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hi - Please remember to keep a "positive attitude" through all of this on Monday and the Good Lord will watch over you.
    My prayers are with you daily.