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Thank you for your kind words, hope and encouragement. My mom is doing well and, in answer to your question Tiger, she had a modified radical mastectomy. She has to undergo 8 treatments every three weeks of chemo. I felt so much better and not so alone after reading your responses. I would very much like to have her participate and read the posts on this site. I will encourage her to do so but let her set the pace. ;-)

Through this site, I discovered chemoangels and signed her up. She was tickled to receive a letter and a token from her "Angel" especially because it directed some of her upcoming fears and expectations of losing her hair. We expect it to happen within the next few days. The doctor says it's about time. I have read some of the posts on this site about hair loss. I just hope I can be there for her to help her through it. In all her denial, it's the one thing (as you all know) that will be "in her face", so to speak, that she has BC. It'll be tough but I know we will get through it.

Thanks again for your responses and I wish you all well. Take care and lots of hugs are being sent your way!



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    Hello Michelle, I just read your post about hair loss and you gave me a new perspective about being bald. I thought I disliked the way I look with this 1/2" of hair sprouting up all over my head and looking like a chia pet. But, you are exactly right in saying that it is a reminder of the cancer. I feel normal and look normal to the world with my sassy wig but when I take it off, I always am a little shocked to see myself and it is because it shows me the reality of what I have been through and what I am up aganist. I have finished my chemo and am just beginning the radiation this week, so my hair is starting to grow back slowly. I hope your mother will read this site and respond to some of us. The people here have helped me through all the rough times and gave me the courage to continue..just reading where they have all been gives the strength to face what is needed. I too, have a wonderful daughter who cried with me and for me and called everyday to see how the chemo was going. She visited and cleaned my house and did laundry and just sat and talked to me about her job and what was going on with her life. That was a big help to take my mind away from cancer and make me realize that life does continue. It's early yet for your mom, give her time to accept this. It is not an easy thing to face. Love to you, Nancy
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    Hi Michelle...on the advice of people on this site as soon as my hair started coming out i made an appointment at my haridresser and had it all shaved off...that way i didnt have to look at it falling out, and it also put me in control...I am glad i made that decision as it was no problem at all...also your mum can put in her order for how she wants it to come back, cos it often comes back different. I ordered slightly darker and a lot curlier....well, it is darker, but no curls I am afraid! I'm not using a haribrush yet! you can tell your mum that my hair made its reappearance exactly six weeks after my last chemo, so that wasnt too bad! Love Susan
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