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I have just finished all my treatments. I have been in treatment since August of 2000. There is no way to know if I am cancer free. I feel like I am now no longer fighting cancer that may remain. How do I just walk away and hope for the best? I feel like I should still be fighting somehow. My doctor said to go home and think happy thoughts. There must be more than that. With locally advanced breast cancer that seems a little naive. Is it?


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    Its a really strange feeling----YUKKY I joined a support group and that helped a lot
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    the body is an incredible instrumant that has been designed to heal itself.Most reserchers believe that we have microscopic cancer-causing carcinogens in our bodies all the time but our immune system attacks them and eliminates them.When our immune system is depressed or in a weakened state is when they think it gets out of control and a cancer developes. the chemotherapy will not eliminate all the microscopic cancer cells in our body, the goal is to eliminate it to such a degree that our own immune system can take care of whats left. So after chemo the best course of action is to do all you can to boost your own immune system and keep it healthy. your doctor was right about having happy thoughts, because reserch shows that negativity, stress, anger,depression, etc. have negative effects on your immune system...while laughter,love, and letting go have been proven to boost your immune system.
    exercise has been proven to improve ones immune system...there are many things you can do to improve your health and participate in your own wellness.there are many cancer fighting foods and vitamins etc. that you can suppliment your diet with, along with meditation and other stress reducing therapys. Just finding joy in life and loving what you do can heal a weak immune don't have to stand by and helplessly wait... you have the power within you to make a difference in the outcome. get some good books on keeping your immune system healthy, read some of bernie siegals books like love,miracles and medicine,it feels good to feel like you are doing something to fight lindy
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    i finished my treatments in nov. i feel like you .. that maybe i should be doing more i even got a little obcessive ... but as time goes by i am working on letting go i do not want to live in fear... of what ifs . but i do understand your feeling they are your feeling .... are you working.. do you have friends that understand.... a women i met last week said to me when i told i was fearful.... we need to go through the fear... not cut it off..... we will move forward... but it will be on our schedule not everyone elses. i feel that if i relax to much it will come back. again i take each day as it comes. or at least faith being involved in my church .. i still get scared when i go for checkups ......we will get through this
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    I think that one has to find away to accept all that one is and truly understand the things we have control of in our lives and what we do not. Through my cancer battle I was haunted by the pain left from treatments and the uncertainty of my future, let alone the vaulnerability we are left feeling. I have concored my fears and found a life far beyond the horrors of my cancer. I never thought I could truly be comfortable with a chest instead of breasts but more surgery for reconstruction isn't something I want for myself. I have been through enough. It has been 4 years since my diagnosis and I lead a normal life. Remember, we have to find things that work for us. Find ways to cope with all we are left with.
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    There are 2 things you can do. Walk away & give thanks you are "apparantly free" or stay on line & support those still fighting. After all they need a message of hope. I was free for 19 years & thank God for that time. What is the point of worrying about it coming back. You can't change anything. Just help those that need it. So glad for you that you are in remission & pray that it may last a long time. Love Pam