My Father just diagnosed with small cell lung cancer

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This is a very difficult subject. My Dad has always been healthy and strong. I still don't accept that there is anything wrong. However, I have been reading and researching everything under the sun to find some way to rid him of this and make him healthy again. My Dad is 72 years of age, he and my Mom are approaching their 49th anniversary. What I'd like to know is where can I get information/recipes for nutritional facts dealing with cancer? And I'd also like to ask if anyone has ever heard of "Hyperthermia"? I apologize for my lack of knowledge, just something I never even imagined I'd be looking. I would sure appreciate any information or suggestions ya'll can give me. Sincerely, Dar


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    Hi my mom has small cell too I know what you must be going thru I 've been doing this since 9/25/00 my mom's 57 and I'm an only child 37.anyways isnt hyperthermia when your very cold? good luck take care and were all here if you need us:)