Have you had reconstruction? I have a question!

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Hi, all! Mel here. Haven't signed on in a while. I am 11 days out of my 4th chemo and just now getting back on line. I have a question for those who have been thru reconstruction. I have had tissue expanders in since surgery on 12/05/00. My last and final injection was 5 or 6 weeks ago. My last chemo is May 31 (if I stay on schedule). Will visit with Plast.surg. on May 10 regarding the next step. Anyway, my skin is extremely tight and I am experiencing pain, especially on the left side where they took lymph nodes. The pain is all around the expanders(more on the left). Extreme soreness and a little puffiness. No fever, tho. Called the nurse & she said unless I spike a fever, it is probably just the feeling returning to my chest area. I know the sharp pains are nerves regenerating but the other discomforts are scaring me since it is on my cancer side. Any input from those who have been there? I know one thing...I am ready to get these "grapefruits" out of me and get on with the implants!!! Any help is appreciated. Love to all of you !


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    Hi Mel, I cant help with the recon part, as I am still semi-boobless, but you should check with your Dr. about the pain. Dont go by what the nurses say, I learned that they are not always right, no matter how long they have been at this job. The pain is probably just everything settling in. I had my mastectomy in Jan /00, and am just now getting severe lymphedema. My arm and hand is swollen and nothing I do will get it down. It gets huge when I am doing housework or shopping, I saw my Dr and they did a venogram, but everything was normal. My onco says that pain and swelling a year after surgery is not uncommon. I still get pain in my arm and chest, once I thought I was having a heart attack!!
    Chin up and just think how nice those perky little boobs are going to look!!!! You cant get something for nothing right? So just look at the pain as your little payments.
    Good luck.
    Hugs from tiger
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    hi Mel It has been a while since I have been on this site but I had reconstruction over a year ago now. I did not have implants but I had the trans flap. But my breast area did bother me for a long time. It still bothers sometimes but it does get better in time. keep that in mind and remember you will get through it. julie