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Howdy there gang!! How is everyone doing? Sue, I know what you mean about the chest pain, my mastectomy arm is swollen and I get sharp ,heavy pains in my chest, i guess I will have to suck it up and go to the Dr. Ugh. The reason I am writing is that I have been on this site now since August and come to think of you all as my family, and I really get edgy when someone goes AWOL. Nancy called me "Den Mother" once, and I would like to expand on that. What I propose to do is have everyone mail me their home email address, phone numbers, and home address. That way if someone dissappears I can contact them personally. This thing with Catherine really bothers me.And Jackie too, bam, all gone.
If you are comfortable giving me that information, I would be grateful,I will not send all kinds of internet crap,I know that is one concern.Only if you feel ok about this,then send. If not, I completely understand. My home email is
There are a few ladies on here who have my phone number and address.If you want it too, to check me out before giving me any info, then by all means, I will give it to you. I wonder if Tony would be able to look up Catherines home phone and call her for us? Or is that a no no?
I know some of you read alot of posts but dont reply to alot, but maybe we could do a monthly roll call?
I probably sound crazy, but it feels so awful talking to someone and then all of a sudden no warning, they are gone. I guess this comes from growing up in a large city with a VERY protective father, and me being an only child at that!!
Well, call me crazy, but without you all, I would have went berserk by now.
Hugs from Tiger.


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    "me being an only child at that!!"
    That line caught my eye, Tiger, because there are a lot of 'only children' on the internet - yes, me too. Maybe this is how we belatedly 'expand' our family

    I met and now write to three others on a French forum. direct e-mail - not forum anymore - and one visited me before Christmas from Mexico. For her visit I postponed my mammogram until the Monday after the Saturday she left and with a lump, too. Am I dumb or what? But I had a nice week which would have been ruined and she came a long way to visit - to Buffalo, NY.
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    Hi Tiger, I think that is a great idea. You are just like a little mother hen always worrying about everyone but that is good. A lot of people need someone to worry about them. I am very fortunate to have a great supportive family but some people aren't. You just form a special bond with people on here, everyone is so supportive. The greatest thing would be is if we could all meet someday. Don't you think? Thanks tiger for always being there for everyone. Judy
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    Dear Rosa

    Great idea. You already have mine. I also think we should all teach our "significant other" how to get into the site so they can post a message from us if we are suddenly taken ill or incapable of posting for ourselves. Lots of Love. Pam
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    I know I have been sort of absent a lot.
    Had my first Taxol on April 3 (this Past Tuesday). Major pain reaction...and no pain medicines do anything for the pain...or at least for the duration that I was willing to continue taking them. However I semi-solved the problem with glucosamine in a liquicd formulation. (My onco. nurse suggested something called glucosamine FOS which I was unable to tind, but I had a formulation from Liquid Health that I used for the past three days and I has helped. I think the important thin is to have a qlucosamine in an easily absorbable form, rather than pills. (It tastes terrible, but I chase it with a lot of water, then something good tasting.

    I probably shouldn't have tucked this away under the denmother subject line...Oh well I put in a change of title...hope it doesn't make this a separate thread.

    I plan to write to you later Tiger.
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    sounds good to me....yu have mine i think but here it is again 250 378 4187 and work is 378 for address...just stand on main street and say my name...lots will tell yu where to find me! lol
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    Dear Tiger,
    I just started on this site a few days ago and cant get away from it. It has helped me so much to find out about other people that have had cancer and what they have gone throug and what helped or not helped. Its a great information site plus a friendship site. I consider everyone a friend that is hear. I will send you my information and if you have a good joke send it too.
    God Bless you and take care.
    Many hugs Leanne
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    Hi Tiger - That sounds like a very good idea to me also - because without this website, I would have been lost going through my treatments also. This is the first place I visit once I sign on to the web. I hope you are getting some better weather up there where you live. I will send you my information also.
    love, lucy
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    Tiger, and anyone else out there who wants it, my e-mail address is My new home address is 12807 Old Pine Lane, Houston, Texas 77015. My phone number, which will be in place sometime tomorrow will be 713-451-0469. And like you, Tiger, I do worry about all of you. I don't have any sisters, therefore, you have taken place of that void in my life. I only have three brothers. I am fairly close to my sisters-in-law, but that's not the same. So, put me in your little Rolodex. Love you, Jane
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    pamtriggs said:

    Dear Rosa

    Great idea. You already have mine. I also think we should all teach our "significant other" how to get into the site so they can post a message from us if we are suddenly taken ill or incapable of posting for ourselves. Lots of Love. Pam

    Great idea, Pam. That way we don't have to wait and wonder. jane