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I had a RP two weeks ago. The doctor said he felt all went well. Gleason 8, no cancer in margins, no cancer in lympth nodes, staged a t1c. He believes I have a good prognosis. However he hedges his bet my saying that regardless of these good pathology reports a microscopic cell may have escaped and will come back at some point. What is the story with this idea? I thought everything would be Ok with a good pathology report. I also read of this "cell" if it did exist acting moe agressivly now that the prostate is out. What about this idea. My doctor never mentioned this. Is this an scientic fact or just some idea? I am going back to see doctor in a month. What can I expect? Thanks for the help.


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    I heard the same thing. But the Pathologist said it was to close to call and said that I should go thru radiation treatments to be sure there was no reacurrence, so I had 36 treatments. My psa at last check was 0.06 I didn't have any major problems with the treatments.