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My husband passed away earlier this month. He was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of unknown origin in Sept. 2000. It was in his lungs, liver and bones when he was diagnosed. He was only 33 and I am only 23. His father died of the exact same type of cancer at the age of 31. I am scared and mad and confused. I try to pray and believe that God had a reason for taking the love of my life and my best friend away from me. Nevertheless, it is hard sometimes to believe that God would put my husband, who was a kind, gentle, loving man, thorough such pain and agony. He loved and was loved by many. I just do not understand. Has anyone else experienced or know of someone that has experienced a similar case where the father or mother and son or daughter died from the exact same type of cancer.


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    i have the same cancer for one year. i can feel and see the pain my wife and daughter has suffered from this. i am very lucky to have two drugs that have retarded the growth this long. every day is a blessing for me as they are very supportive. i can only hope that they will find strength in their lives in finding the value of living and the gift that life really is for all of us. life is worth what you do today not what you plan to do tomorrow. my brother died 3 years ago from the same cancer. he was 10 years younger than me.--live life for today. yesterday was our growth day, tomorrow is a gift and the reason to do well today.