Glioblastoma multiforme

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Thanks to NancyS I am able to leave a message here. My husband was diagnosed with GBM after surgery Jan.22. He is in wk.3 of 6 for radiation. Chemo has us very nervous and undecided but new info has been helping. Don is 63 with previous heart attacks,back and shoulder surgies --- we worry about his prognosis because of these conditions. Would like to hear about Tamodar and Stereotactic Radiation. Thanks, Sandy


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    Hi again Sandy and Don, Just hello and glad to see you were able to post today. This sight is not used as often as some, but keep checking in because it takes some a longer time to post. Sandy, I have breast cancer and am almost through with chemo and then will do 6 wks. of radiation. Our breast cancer site is full of the most compassionate group of women you will ever find on this planet. If you need to talk to someone, post on the breast cancer site. We are all a family and we will help in every way we can. Love to you, Nancy