Nausea from tamoxifen?

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I had a masectomy and went through AC chemo treatments and am now on tamoxifen. I have no side effects from the drug, except for the hot flashes - which have eased up somewhat for me. Anyhow, I have a friend that has just started on tamoxifen about 2 weeks ago - and she says within a half hour after taking the drug, she feels nauseated and sick on her stomach. Has anyone else out there had this problem? I was of no help to her, because I do not have this problem. Also, her Dr. has her on several vitamins with the tamoxifen - I said maybe it is from the vitamins. Please give me some feed back for her. God Bless you all - Lucy


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  • mariel
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    I have been taking tamoxifen for about 6 months, and the only time I have nausea is if I take it on an empty stomach. It could be the vitamins, I cannot take anything with iron in it without becoming nauseated. Good Luck.
  • bjsurvivor
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    Must be from something else other than the T. I've had no problems with it.
  • lynnephil
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    Hi Lucy
    I too suffer from nausea due to taking Tamoxifen and from time to time have an upset stomach.
    I have found that ginger root helps me feel much better (just rub a slice on to wrist and inhale). I also have found that cutting out dairy products and changing from cow's milk to soya has help also.
    Hope this works for your friend - God Bless and take care - Lynne