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Hello All !

I had my first chemo session on March 1. I recieved epirubicin and cytoxan, along with some anti nausea drugs. 2 days ago, I got an itchy rash on the back of my knees. It has spread to my legs, thighs, and hips. I tried Benadryl, but it has not helped. Has anyone else had this happen ? It may be completely unrelated to the chemo for all I know. Thanks for your imput !

Mary Anne in CA


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    Hi Mary Anne:
    I am still taking Taxol, and the bottom of my feet and my hands itch like crazy. Dr. sd its from the chemo, but nothing he can give me. I have 1 more treatment and I'm praying it will go away. I guess the chemo affects us all so differently, but treat it like your best friend, cause it is doing so much more good than bad. Good Luck to you, vinnie