Husband needing a Bone Marrow Transplant

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My name is Tammy Cochrum I'm from Benton Il. and my husband is getting ready for a bone marrow transplant, not only am I scared to death but in need of financial help, if interested please e-mail me, its tax deductible. Also need moral support from anyone who has been thru this I'm just newly married, and 32 yrs old this is all new to me and very scary.


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    Hi Tammy, My husband had a stem cell transplant on Sept. 21 for CML. He is 55 years old. It's a long ordeal but what we saw was the younger the person the quicker the response and return to their old selves. Your fear isn't irrational. We are all scared at that time. I can't say my fear has dissipated but it isn't quite as strong as it had been. I hope all is going well for you both. I know it is hard financially as well as emotionally. Just know that you are not alone in this. Many of us have been and will continue to be in your shoes probably until the 5 year mark. Good luck. Geraldine