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Hi, all. Mel here. Just wanted to check in & say hello! Thank you for your thoughts on my emloyer problems. Margaret, I will try to get in touch with the "I Can Cope" folks. Thank you for the number. I am feeling much better today ( 2 weeks since my 2nd treatment). My hair is gone, my wigs ITCH, so I am experimenting with scarves & loving it! I have a creative flair ( artist) so I am having a little fun with this little "pointy" bald head of mine! As far as the boss, I am trying a new outlook. My minister gave a sermon on Sun. regarding "love thine enemies". You know, it is really very simple to love people who return that love. The tough part is loving those who do not love us ( and irritate the heck out of us!). So, Monday I decided that every time the thought (pardon the french) "Screw you!" comes to mind, I will replace that with "Bless You". I have found it very difficult to hold anger in my heart while saying the word "Bless". It has truly helped me. I am going to do my best to control my "reactions" to his actions and if he crosses the line I know that I will have to respond to protect myself. I love the company I work for & everyone else. It's just him.
Well, must go & prepare for the blessings of the day! Take care everyone. All of you are in my prayers. Love , Mel in Arkansas


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    Hi Mel, Am glad you are feeling better. Also glad you have the support of your church and a strong faith in God. The prayers and support from my church helped me get thru my treatment. After your treatment you will be able to give a great testimony to your "sisters". Seize that opportunity to tell them about the early detection of breast cancer. In His Care, Margaret