Breast Cancer Documentary

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Hi, my name is Colt Hansen. I am a filmmaker, working on a documentary about my Grandmother who died of Breast Cancer when I was 2 or 3. My film will be a documentary of my personal journey to find out who my Grandmother was. The only connections I feel with her are from two things: one, my parents said that the morning she died, before anyone had heard word from the hospital, I woke up and told my parents that Grandma had come to say goodbye to me last night; two, she always dreamed of going to Australia - and that has always been one of my own personal lifelong dreams. She never went.
When dealing with movies about breast cancer, most have been done from the angle of the survivor- or women involved. This one is going to address different issues: it will show what the effects of breast cancer had on a young 19 year old, 16 years after the fact. It will show who she WAS, what she left behind, and who she IS- especially to me.
The story will be documented as I personally conduct interviews of her remaining family (all but one of her sisters also died at an early age from breast cancer,) her children, the doctors that helped her through her on-going battle with cancer, through family photographs, as well as letters, and as I travel to the places she was born, raised, attended school, and eventually the house she passed away in.
The documentary has a low five figure budget. If any of you are interested in becoming involved with this project, to offer support, questions, or sponsorship, please contact me at

Thank you.