I'm new to the group

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I just tonight found this website and have registered. I am anxious to hear from others. I have created my own website to give you more information.


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    Hi, Welcome to the sight. I am kind of new here too. My dad was diagnosed with small cell carsinoma in late Oct. He has had 3 rounds of chemo. He is having his 4th round starting tomorrow. My dad has had 2 x-rays since he started the chemo. Both x-rays have not shown any tumors in his lungs! We are so excited. We don't know much about the liver yet. However a scan in October showed several spots on his liver. He will have a 2nd scan within a week or so. He is feeling great. (he says) He looks great. One could never tell he was walking around with cancer. The chemo has not been bad at all for him. (not sick even once) His hair is gone now...but he looks sexy for a 72 year old!
    My prayers are with you. Hopfully you will find answers here about stuff. I Know for sure you will fine this sight a great source of hope. Please let me know how you are. Good luck with your journey.