extreme drug resistance assay

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does anyone have any experience with this. It is a lab test of fresh tumor tissue against chemo drugs to find out which cause cell death and to which chemo drugs are the cancer cells resistant. It can help determine what chemo is not helpful and also give an indication as to what might help.


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    ask your oncologest. the test will define some chemicals that may be more effective than others. the test is not 100% accurate so if you apply the results the preferred protocal may be indicated but most dr. will not use this test. my opinion is that they will influence their studies and the patients will be pre screened in the phase 1/11/111 selection process and may adversly effect their findings. if you follow this then you understand sampeling and testing. the real objective is to find drigs that you can get on and if they are not working you will know within 60-90 days. use drugs that are not ama approved for as long as you can and go on the approved ones only when it is necessary to sustain life. i have lung cancer for 12 months and on my 2nd treatment. my plan is to use ama approved drugs last.