Pains and spasms on tomoxifen?

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Anyone experience tummy pains and gassy spasms on tomoxifen? My oncologist said no and said to get it checked. My "regular" doctor thinks it might be kidney stones (great another new thing)due to calcium oxalate in sample but I don't have any "passing water problems" Had a CT Scan today. My "year" anniversary is Monday and I see my oncologist - a bit nervous about that. Had my clamp-o-gram and chest x-ray done for it. Since I had infiltration lobular, the stats say it will pop up in the last boob I have. I wonder if it is stress. Anyone got any ideas? Deb


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    Hi Deb! YES I am experiencing the SAME SYMPTOMS on Tamoxifen! I have gas much more now, and experience a lot of diahrea (spelling??) I had to search everywhere to find that all of this IS a side effect from that drug. It helps to know that. I worried like a wort at first! But - now I've accepted it and have started taking more calcium which seems to help. I am 34, so the drug has shortened my periods dramatically as well. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I hit mine 2 weeks ago. Very best of luck to you at your oncologist's appointment. I'd be curious to hear if you have any other side effects from Tamoxifen. Take care ~~ Jody