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I had prostatectomy 6 years ago and a follow-up "roto-rooter" to clear scar tissue from my urethra. I now have incontinence when I squat dow or move my left leg wrong. This isn't a problem. I also have incontinence during intimacy. At the risk of being overly explicit, whenever I am the least bit sexually stimulated, I leak a bit. I have trird Kegel and current drug prescriptions, but they don't help. Has anyone else experienced the latter condition?


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    After radiation, seed implant, aborted surgery, & Cryo, i finally got rid of the cancer in June 2001. In Sept, 2001 i suddenly couldn't urinate. Just as suddenly it went away (after a catheter). Then the same problem happened in April 3 times & i've had problems dripping ever since. Tried medicine, but not working very well. Noticed tissue in urine & local doc said come for a Scope exam. Then we'll see what to do. Very embarassing when playing with wife, but she's been incredibly understanding. I'm 61 now.