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Hi all. I am new to this and in the midst of trying to deal with my recent (one week ago) breast cancer diagnosis. I am 31 and was diagnosed with Stage IIIA inflammatory breast cancer. I have already experienced my first chemo treatment. I have been trying to find some support other than family as we have no local organization here. I am a homemaker with 2 small children and just needed someone to relate with. Thanks for listening! Suzanne


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    Hi Suzanne. Welcome to this site. You can ask any questions you want. Feel free to vent your feelings,your fears whatever is on your mind. We are all going through some hard times, some more than others. Everybody here is wonderful! Full of all sorts of info.,stories. You'll laugh at times and cry at other times. I hope we can help you. Keep in touch! Cathy
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    Dear Suzanne - You will find this website very helpful, because we discuss any kind of problems that we have. It is really hard when you have young children to go through this disease, but you will make it. Keep faith in God and keep a positive attitude at all times. Sometimes the chemo treatments want to take over your body, but remember to get lots of rest and look forward to the day of your last treatment. My first and last treatments were my hardest, but now looking back, I consider them as tolerable. I am so glad to be over the "nausea" feeling. I lost all my hair and it is now in the process of coming back, and I am starting to see some curls also. We are all here for each other and welcome you to our circle. God Bless You. Love, Lucy
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    hi, Tiger here, rather than repeat myself, just check out some of the more recent postings, they all apply to you too. this thing can be beaten and the first step to fighting a winning battle is finding this site. We are an awesome group of spirited women who dont whine about our problems, we discuss what is going on in our lives and everyone has some helpful input. Take control over what is going on and beat the hell out of it!!!!
    Stay in touch.
    Hugs from Tiger
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    Hi Susanne! I'm Maggie. I too was 30 years old when diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a 7 year old and a 2 month old, I felt like my whole world was crumbling. I had alot of lymph nodes positive.(13 out of17), I knew I had to fight this with everything I could for the sake of my young children. Just to remember to pray and turn over to God, and he will take care of you. Keep up your spirits and never give up. It has been a 1 1/2 years since I was diagnosed. THis group is wonderful, only wish I had this when I was first diagnosed and going through everything. Take care and I will add you to my prayer list. love, Maggie
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    Hi Suzanne. Welcome to our happy throng. I too was in my 30's when first diagnosed & now an mid-fifties & in recurrance so long term survival is more than possible. It takes more than 1 brush with the beast to kill me off. So ask away - you'll get more advice than you probably need but knowledge is power. And as Tiger says, NEVER NEVER give up the fight. We have a lady in Taiwan named Catherine who has had the lot & she is still in there fighting so read some of her posts for inspiration. Hope we have been of some help. Keep fighting. Love & hugs. Pam
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    Hi Suzanne, my name is Judy. This can be a terrifying thing to deal with but first thing to remember is keep a positive attitude. When you start to feel down just make yourself think of something positive. I do not have young children anymore but to me that would seem in a way to help keep your mind busy. You know you need to keep going for them. The people on this site are wonderful, so helpful. I have not experienced a lot of the things most of them are going through so I don't have the knowledge but I am a good listener. I wish you the best and my thoughts & prayers will be with you. Judy
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    Dear Suzanne: I'm Catherine, from Taipei, Taiwan. This is a wonderful site, you can relieve yourself and ask us any kind of questions you want. 5 years ago(Dec. 1995), when I was only 28 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, lymph nodes are 2/15 positive. I accepted the surgery to remove my whole left breast and took 8 cycles of Chemo Tharapy on "CMF". 2 years and 9 months later, cancer spread to my skull, T-spine and upper brain. I took the brain operation and accepted 6 cycles of Chemo with Adriamycin+Taxol, plus 17 times of brain radiation,10 times of T-spine radiation. Besides, my oncologist used a new drug named "Pamidronate" to strengthen my bone(once in a month, total 24 times). But recently, the cancer cell spread to my left leg.

    You know, my friends all think that I will probably die in a short time, for they think the cancer has spread to my brain. But I'm still alive! It has been 2 more years after my brain operation. "Positive attitude" is VERY VERY important in fighting with this disease. NEVER give up! When you get up every morining, keep smiling and tell yourself: I can survive! today is a wonderful day!!

    I learned a lot from this disease. Choose healthy food, relieve the pressure(no matter comes from job, family or other reason) and understand how to cherish everything, everyone in everyday's life.
    I strongly believe: If you think you can survive, then you can! If you think you can conquer cancer, then you will! Indeed, we have to take a lot of time to take care of ourself than others, but this disease will change our heart, our soul and our attitude in life. Conquer it! You can do it! Someday, when you win from this "War with cancer", you will smile and say: Cancer? It's no big deal! I kicked their **** and had a lot of fun!

    Keep in touch with us. All the ladies in this group have different "story" in breast cancer, but the same points are everyone of us is so brave, excellent, positive, cheerful and very admired.

    I experienced almost all kinds of treatments, if you have any questions, just feel free to let me know.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Love & hugs from Catherine
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    i`m new too. mother of teenage daughter.had lumpectoy and 6 lymph nodes removed. even tho' i had a slow growing cancer because 1 lymph node was involved i`m going to have chemo and no hair for 9 months as well as radiation. feel free to ask anything of the people here. somebody has had whatever problem you may be having, or will answer questions. just ask. God bless,cj
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    You can do it. I'll be praying for you. Deb