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On November 21, 2000, my husband had cryosurgery for his prostate cancer. His urologist said this was a much less invasive procedure, so we assumed that recovery would be relatively easy. However, he still has quite a bit of pain from the rectum to the urinary tract. Has anyone else had this procedure? If so, how soon before you felt recovered and painfree?


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    I had Cryo also. Noone seems to know much about it, but it got my cancer when radiation, seeds & aborted surgery couldn't.
    I had some discomfort slowly decreasing over 3 months & still bothers me sometimes, till i tale Advil. Have had other problems, tho.
    requiring a cather sometimes & othertimes can't stop dripping. These problems didn't start till a few months after surgery.
    Still looking for an answer for these problems.
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    By the way, i went tfrom St Louis to Pittsburgh for cryo. Where did you go?
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    By the way, i went tfrom St Louis to Pittsburgh for cryo. Where did you go?

    I had cryosurgery on Oct 22, 2003. I am interested in exchanging e-mails or, better yet, telephone calls with anyone who has experienced this and will share their experience with emphasis on degree of "success", duration and type of pain, incontinence, impotence, effect on lifestyle or any other aspects including any other urological conditions such as kidney stones, bladder cancer or the like. Is the procedure (cryosurgery) uniform throughout the country, how does the duration of pain compare with standard surgical excision, are there any new published articles or studies on the subject and similar questions intrique me. I have found it useful to exchange information but have found only one other patient to talk to as of now. My telephone number is 360 299 3191 and if you wish to talk I'll return your call.