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this is my third time going through chemo will be getting the drugs taxol and herceptin. would like to hear from anyone that has had these drugs and how you coped or are copeing.i'll start soon once a week for six months. thanks prayers to all.


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    Tiger here, I started Taxol/Herceptin late last August. My cancer spread from the breast to the liver, I was taking a chemo cocktail of 5FU/Doxarubacin/cyclophosphamide, for seven courses,but found the tumours started growing rapidly, so my onco started me on Taxol/Herceptin, after three doses(the herceptin is given by IV once a week,Taxol every three) I had a cat scan and it showed the tumours had shrunk. I had two more rounds of Taxol, always having the Herceptin every Wednesday, and I will have my last dose of Taxol on Dec 20, then another ct scan. The pain I had after the first dose of Taxol was horrendous, they do not warn you of any possible pain because not everyone experiences it, now it takes me about a week to get over the pain, I do not take anything for it, drugs and me do not get along very well, I use this site as inspiration to get through it all, and believe me it works, there is always someone here going through it with you, therefore making it a little more tolerable. Take heart that this stuff WORKS like nothing before, so what is a bit of pain in the grand scheme of things? Once you are through it will seem like a piece of cake when you get good results from your Dr. Makes it all worth while. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. The past six months have passed so fast for me, mostly in part because of the Herceptin shots each week, instead of sitting around dreading your next chemo, you look forward to it because you know it is getting you that much closer to recovery. I was contemplating not having my sixth dose because this last one was very hard, but already the memory is fading. If this is your third time, then you are indeed a very strong person and you will get through this with flying colors,and lean on us when you feel the need, go back and read some of the other postings, we truly are an amazing bunch!!! I wish you all the luck and please keep us posted. One good thing about this stuff is there is no nausea!!!! I would rather have pain than be puking my guts up, been there, done that, hated it!!!! Fight the Good Fight. Love and hugs from Tiger.