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Hello ladies, Tiger here, well I had my fifth dose of Taxol yesterday, I only have one more to go!!!!!!ya hoo!! I will continue with the Herceptin for the next year,once a week, but because it is an angionesis drug and not chemo,it does not effect my bloodcells, therefore i will get my hair back, loose the weight I put on with the steroids for the chemo, and I will be able to proceed with my reconstruction!! I have another cat scan to do to check progress on the tumours, but he said only one more chemo. So there is light at the end of the tunnel after all, it will be exactly one years worth of chemo by the time I am done, when my hair comes in I wont know what to do with it, and i will have so many clothes to wear once I drop the weight!! It will be like christmas. I went from 140lbs to 177 lbs, so I had to buy new clothes.I cant wait to get started on everything, I am really looking forward to new boobs, I am asking for an elective mastectomy on the other side and having both constructed at the same time, Lord only knows I have enough baby belly left for two nice boobs. My first son was born c section weighing in at 11 1/2 lbs and my youngest was born c section at 9 lbs, so I have lots left over. Well, I just wanted to share my good news, by the way, taking taxol or taxotere, do you find yourself getting bitchy for a few days afterwards? Right now I could rip somebodies face off and laugh about it, my husband just leaves me alone, after pestering me for about an hour to tell him whats wrong, you figure they would learn? Duh!!!! Take care all and big hugs and lots of love from Tiger. xo


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    Congratulations, Tiger. I went from 130lbs to 140lbs when they started giving me Decadron (a steroid). I looked pretty much like a chipmunk but it was better than throwing up for a whole week. After radiation I decided to slim down by counting calories, eating mostly protein and fruits and vegetables, and walking twice a week. I got down to 120lbs but it took me a whole year. When your hair starts growing back, try using a baby hairbrush on your scalp. Good luck on your CT scan. Margaret