Another Canadian Eh?

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hey there, this is Tiger in North Bay,Ont. Do any of you have any snow yet? We are getting dumped on right now. My husband is out gearing up the snowblower for the season. Where abouts are you Trudy? We lived in St.Jean for a year when my husband first joined the military, he was at the language school for a year,we loved it there, the people were not all that great because we did not speak french, but we were so close to the border, we used to go to Vermont and Plattsburgh all the time, we took a tour through Vermont one day, Oh my Goodness, it is absolutely gorgeous. We would have liked to have a posting to Maine, but they closed out the Canadian Base there. We are originally from Dartmouth,Nova Scotia,and we really miss the seafood!! Well, I will sign off for now, take care and fight the good fight!! Tiger.