Hair regrowth

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Has anyone out there who used to have very thick hair now have very thin hair, as a result of chemo ?


  • jane38
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    When my hair started coming back in it was very thick and curly. This was very new for me because before chemo I had baby fine, very thin hair and it was straight. Maybe it comes back in just the opposite of the way it came out! Anyway, after I got my first haircut, it went back to normal. Straight and is getting thin again. But then, I have a problem with low thyroid and am having trouble getting the dosage regulated. Maybe it will thicken up again after I get that taken care of. But the curls can stay away. Jane
  • beenthere2
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    yes I have had chemo andrad ,hair is coming back but very slow I wear it very short easy to get up in the mornings to go to work,