I got chills!!

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I got chills,they're electrifying!!! Sorry, Grease is my favorite movie. Anyone taking Herceptin? If so, about the second day after I get chills,and the runs, and really,really, run and hide,smelly gas!!! My onco nurse says this is normal, and I am starting to find that my emotions are running hot and cold in a matter of seconds!! I thought it was menopause setting in, but she says Herceptin really plays with your hormones. The other day, I woke up feeling playful, then all of a sudden I was pissed off at the world, then I got horny, then I was laying on the bed bawling my eyes out, that is really strange for me. My poor husband does not know what to do with me!! I am interested to hear if anyone has any similar problems? Have a good weekend, Love and hugs from Tiger xox