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Hi everybody, It's Nancy here again. I want to ask all of you if you try to taper off your anti nausea meds after treatments or do you remain on them until your next infusion. I try to cut them back from every 4-6 hours as the days go by and I try to stop them all together as I start feeling a little better, This 2nd round of A/C has not left me feeling as well as I did after the first round. I have taken more meds and I wonder if they become less effective if I do that. They do not take it all away now, but I'm sure it could be much worse. I have used ativan and zofran. My chemo nurse has given me a few samples of anzemet and thats what I get just before my A/C infusion in the IV. Let me know how you are managing this and how you feel. Love to everyone, Nancys


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    Hi Nancy, Tiger here, I use ativan just to help me sleep and before my treatments as I am prone to panic attacks and it keeps me settled, the zofran I take an hour before chemo, then again that eve, and then twice daily for two more days and that seems to do it for me. I find that eating yogurt,(not the fat free kind either) helps to keep my stomach settled, it puts all the good bacteria back into your body that the chemo is depleting. If I have trouble with alot of nausea I take an eight hour time released gravol, and I am good to go, it makes me tired,but once i wake up I am fine. Hope I have been helpful. Keep up the good fight. Love from Tiger xoxox