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Hello, My name is Judy and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Nov. 10th. I did not know you could go through so many different feelings in such a short time. First the shock, then for a few days I was just great. The last few days I have just totally lost it. I just can't seem to get a grip on it all. I have been trying to make my decision on when to have surgery and exactly what to do. I just feel pretty lost in the whole thing.My family and friends have been great but none of them have ever been through this so it's hard for them to completly understand. I just needed to talk to someone who has been there I guess. Thanks for any input or support. judyd


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    Hi judyd- My name is loulou. You have come to the right place. In the first week or two, everything seems to be moving so fast. You are given so much information, it's almost impossible for you to remember everything. That's why it's important to have someone with you during your doctor appt's, and write information down. On this site you will meet some wonderful people, with lots of information, and great support. You are able to ask any question you have, talk about anything, and you will get a truthful answer from all. By talking about your fears, you will gain strength. You will learn here not to listen to statistics. Only God nows the answers to that question. After you get all the information you need about surgerys, and treatments, do what feels right to you, listen to what your inner voice is saying to you. You are about to start on an incrediable journey, and it will be an amazing journey. It won't be all bad. I think alot of us will tell you there are more good days than bad, it's all how you look at things. Be positive. I should tell you that I don't have breast cancer, I was treated for lung cancer, but I don't think it matters what type of cancer you have to be able relate with each other here. People here are very inspirational. Good luck, loulou
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    Hi Judy, It seems like years ago that I was where you are right now. But it has only been 3 short months. This cancer will change your life forever but not all of it will be bad. You will find that you are more aware of living your life to the highest standards than ever before. You will find that there are more caring and undestanding and compassionate people than you ever knew existed. I had an infiltrating ductal carcinoma, 2cm,lumpectomy, 1 lymph node positive out of 17. Right now doing the chemo. Have had two treatments of A/C with 2 to go, then 4 treatments of Taxol and then radiation. I think this is pretty much the standard. I am sick for about 6/7 days after treatment, but kind of like being pregnant. I will hurl once in the morning and then feel car sick the rest of the day and evening for those 6/7 days and then I start feeling better. I still have not done a web page because I am not through experiencing all there is know about this disease. I wish you well and I will include you in my prayers. I pray for all of us several times a day. Information is the best defense, so get on this computer and find every web site about breast cancer and read everything and make lists of questions for your Onco, and keep records of every test, and every conversation. It all helps somehow. Your new friend, Nancy Stay in touch, there is a lot of support here, I would never have gotten this far without the great people I have met through this site.
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    Hi Judy;
    Welcome to the site. I was dx in July, seems like years ago, and like you in such a short time you can go thru so many fazes of feelings. Some good, some not so good, but once you get a grip try to get as educated as possible. It will surely help you make some wise decisions, if you understand where your going, and what your going thru. And anytime you need some answers or just need to talk about whatever, where here for you. Keep in touch, and stay strong.