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My dad had his larynx removed in May. Although it seems that all the cancer is gone, he still is having a very difficult time recovering emotionally. He isn't making much effort to learn to use his electrolarynx device. He seems to be very withdrawn. Has anyone had any experience with a support group for laryngectomees? Does anyone know of a group in Austin, Texas?


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    Please get a hold of the American cancer society asap, they can tell you where your Dad can get help with support, if I hadn't of had the support I got from the Nu-voice club here in St. Louis I would still be hiding in my closet, best of luck to you and your Dad, we really do care. Write me any time
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    I live in Alabama so I don't know of any groups where you are but I had the same surgery and also talk with the electrolarynx I also had my surgery in May of last year.I am a 46 yr.old woman.if I can help either of you in any way please let me know.
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    I think men have a much
    I think men have a much harder time emotionally with this surgery. I am a 9 yr survivor and have had two male friends from the days before cancer that have had the same surgery. They felt totally out of control. Men control their lives and help the ones they love with their voice and a "look". Now the effort is more than they can handle. One finally was able to get a TEP and did well once he could talk again. The other had so much of his tongue removed that even the electrolarynx did not work. When I saw him several months after his surgery I hugged him and asked him what I could do to help. He said he wanted to be able to tell his wife he loved her and thank you without having to hunt for his paper and pencil. I simply gave him the sign language for both. There are local Chatterbox Clubs associated with Moffitt and a lot of hospitals. There are groups like this online, the first one I found several years ago was Web Whisperers. Ask the Head and Neck Clinic where your Dad gets treatment for any information on local clubs. Also let them know he is having problems. Keep him going back for help. One of the first things I did was sign up for sign language classes at the local tech school. It was an odd feeling knowing that I had the advantage because I could hear. I use it even now when my batteries are dead in my electrolarynx. Anything to get out and make my brain work. Good luck and get him moving. Ask him questions that he connot answer with a nod or shake of his head.