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Hi Ellen, Tiger here, you know I have been thinking about going to the chaplain here, my husband and I saw one when this all first started but we did not like him, he was too into telling us how much power a chaplain had and what was going on in other peoples lives, stuff we did not need to know, so we sort of gave up, but I just found out he is posted out of here and the new chaplain is supposed to be great. I am also going to change family phys. The one i have now is and idiot, he knows nothing about what is going on with me, my homecare nurse spoke to another Dr. who is supposed to be amazing and he is willing to take me on. We went out for dinner with friends tonight and their daughter babysat, it was so nice to get out without the kids and laugh at adult things for a change, cartoons are great but getting into the real world once in awhile is nice too.Mind you once we got home and asked the sitter how the kids were, well,the little brats are grounded tomorrow,lets put it that way!!My nine year old son fights with his three year old brother and he should know by now it is a loosing battle no matter how you look at it, but he will argue over the dumbest things, I and my husband are both only children so this sibling fighting is new to us, and we are ready to lock the little buggers up in the shed.!!! It's a good thing they are so cute or i would have sold them long ago, but I probably would not have got much for the little beggers. Oh well, without them to keep life interesting I would be bored out of my tree right now. Thank you all for reading,supporting,answering and loving me. It would be nice if we all could meet someday or exchange photos. Take care and keep up the good fight. Love and Hugs from Tiger. xoxoxox