Mom's Breast cancer problems.

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Mom had a radical masectomy on the left side in March of this year,They removed 16 lymph nodes and found no other cancer.
they recomender 6 chemo treatments, she only took 2 they made her very ill. She had to be hospitalized each time.
Ever since the surgery she has had pain in her left shoulder,rib cage area, arm, and chest. The pupil of her left eye is noticably smaller
and the lid droops, she has lost her voice has trouble breathing,claiming it feels like something is stuck in her throat. Throat specialist says
vocal cord on left side is paralized. Has anyone else had this experience or know someone who has?


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    Hello, First I'd like to say that my hopes and prayers are with you and your mother right now.
    My friend had all of her lymphnodes removed after her breast cancer diagnosis 2 months ago. she has severe pain in that area you discussed your mother experiencing. She did a ton of research and found hundreds of women (perhaps thousands) with this same intensity of pain that lasts for years. She began physical therapy within 10 days of surgery and it has brought back 75% of her mobility and has significantly reduced her pain. She swears by it. You may look into getting your mom a PT twice a week. It will help her. Sorry that I cannot help you with your mother's other issues. I wish you well finding an answer.