Thursdays doctor visit

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Rory, I was curious how you made out with the doctor today. Hopefully all is well and this visit put your mind to rest. Let me know.

I know that my mind can go crazy at times thinking about my health and my body and what could be going on. A visit to the doctor to check all out always put me at ease.

Good luck.



  • rory
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    Mike: Thursday's apppointment went okay. I believe that I might have told you that I had some aching and swelling in the left upper chest, shoulder and down arm. The Doc was a little concerned about what was causing the swelling. I had some nodes in the neck, but she wasn't too concerned with that at this point. I was also tender in the lower left quadrant where my spleen use to be. We discussed my history of hodgkins and mantle radiation and its possible relationship. She acknowledged that there are secondary sequalae to the mantle radiation, then realed off several including cardiopulmonary, hypothyrodism, breat cancer,and coronary artery disease to name a few. This, we agreed to talk about in more depth, but first things first. The plan is to treat the acute problem then move on to the rest of the stuff. The plan is to get all the blood work done, have vascular study of left arm and neck (making sure I don't have a blood clot), CT scan of chest and abdomen(which I will have on Sunday), and mammogram of my left breast to ensure I don't have something going on there. I have crossed one hurdle today with practically a clear vascular study, with only one deep vein they couldn't visualize - I guess that is good. However, I kinda wish they would have found something to explain the swelling of my left arm and aching. Now... I have to wait for the CT. I'm really nervous about this Mike. The waiting is always tough and hard. Rory