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I had thought that my breast cancer was over and now after nearly 9 years it's back, with a degree of spread, though not in my bones, and not as bad as I was first told. There was some positive news also about the tumour being very strongly hormone receptive.

I have really tried to put my trust in God, but I am 3 days into my first chemo, and feel very low, like why bother? My husband has gone to the gym. My 15 year old son took me out for a walk in the rain this evening. Please tell me it's worth fighting.



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    OH PAT, YES, IT IS DEFINATLY WORTH THE FIGHT!! You did it once, you will do it again. You are felling low after your chemo treatment and that is so understandable, it is (I know I don't have to tell you this) a hard fight but one worth fighting. It is hard sometimes to put our complete trust in God but He will help you so much. Let your doctor know that you are feeling low, he/she will be able to help, chemo drugs can cause feelings of depression and your doctor should know. Hang in there. I will be so happy to stay in touch with you if you would like and there are so many wonderful women on this site and we all have this in common. I am a (almost 1 year) breast cancer survivor and so glad that I fought the fight. Take Care Murphy
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    Hello Pat, YES YES YES YES!!!!!You answered your own question. You have a 15 year old son that took you for a walk in the rain. You are surrounded by love. I know this is a big shock to you after all this time, but Pat cancer is getting closer and closer to a cure. New drugs are coming into the treatment picture all the time. Keep writing to all of us here on CSN and we will stay with you through this. You need our support right now, and WE NEED YOU. I am just starting my Chemo on Monday and I could really use your help with information about coping with the side effects. You have done this, write back and tell me what to expect. You are stronger than you think and you will get through this hard time one day at a time. The rain will stop and you will see the sunshine. Please keep in touch, Your new Friend, Nancy
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