Lung Cancer

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Thanks Loulou and Yakimom for your reply. I was told earlier by my doctor that I could not live more than six months after being diagnosed as NSCLC stage IV. Somehow I managed for the last 18 months with one year of chemo and radiation.
Recently, I had a PET scan and they said they could not see any sign of any tumor. I was pleasantly surprised. So, that is the reason why I asked whether anybody knows more about PET scan to know more about its reliability.

My doctor said I am "sort of" in remission. When he said "sort of" he is again pessimistic about my case, just like the first time he said that I had only six months to live. Anyway, I am not at all disturbed by his remarks since life or death is not decided by him or me, but someone above.

I hope those with Stage IV or lower do not give up. Fight on! Even with a stage IV and a six-month prediction, I did not give up.

For those who need encouragement, I recommend you read a book entitled " Getting Well Again" by Dr.
O.C. Simonton and S. Matthews-Simonton. This book really a good book which gave me the courage to fight on. It describes how the mind has great influence on your body and your immune system. Your body will excrete some useful chemicals to boost your immune system if your mind believes that you can overcome the disease. In my experience, hope and strong belief in your ability to overcome your disease will also allow you to eat better (including taking nutritous food and vitamins),sleep better and relax better, and these are important things to maintain good health during chemo. and radiation.

Hope to hear from you soon.