Lung cancer

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I am also a lung cancer patient who is a non-smoker. Has undergone chemo and now seems ok. Wish to discuss with others.


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    Hi pohkb, how are things with you? I am curios, are you currently in remission now? I had a dr. appt. on thursday, and asked about the ct scan, mri, and the pet scan. Because of how new and expensive it is insurance companies won't alway's pay for a pet scan. But, down the road it will be used more and more. For now they use it only if there is a question a dr. has about a ct scan or mri. If I understand it correctly, the contrast they inject in you, the cancer cells will suck that up and show up on x-ray. If they don't show-up, and havn't grown, or have gotten smaller, that tells the dr. the tumors have died. I hope I got this right. loulou